Why do I need reservations?

Each tour departure time accommodates a limited number of people. Much like booking a seat on an airplane, we must know that you are planning to zip with us so that we can schedule guide staff to take you into the trees! Reservations are required to guarantee your tour; however, do know that day-of bookings are often available on tour times that have not yet completely sold out.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

Weekend tours and tours during peak season (May 15 – August 15 and October – November 15) fill up fast! We suggest booking at least two weeks in advance of your desired date to ensure a variety of tour departure times are available to choose from. Large groups will want to book as early as possible. Keep in mind that The Swamp Park cancellation policy — one of the kindest in our industry — allows you to change or cancel your reservation provided you call at least 72 hours before your scheduled tour time. While reservations are always required, last-minute bookings are often available on tour times that are not yet fully booked.

What is your cancellation policy?

The Swamp Park is proud to have one of the kindest cancellation policies in our industry. We know that your plans may change, with this in mind, The Swamp Park cancellation policy is:

  • All reservations are charged in full at the time of booking.
  • Reservations cancelled more than 72 hours in advance of the tour time will be issued a refund. Cancellations within 72 hours will not be eligible for a refund. You must speak with a Swamp Park Reservations Agent during regular business hours to cancel or reschedule your tour. You can reach us at 1-910-687-6100

Why can’t I cancel or get a refund within 72 hours of my scheduled tour time?

72-hours prior to your scheduled tour time, we consider your reservation “final” so that we can make proper plans for your visit! At this time, we schedule all of the staff that will be required to accommodate you. From Adventure Guides and Sales Staff to Driver Guides and management team members, when you say, “Count me in!” we do all we can to ensure your Swamp Park visit is incredible. Because of the logistics involved, last minute cancellations or refunds are not possible.

What Type Of shoes should I wear?

Close toe close heel shoes. NO CROCS or KEENS or SANDALS unless on the boat tour. Sneakers or boots are a great choice.

Can I drive an ATV with a permit or no license at all?

No. Our insurance is very strict about the drivers of our ATVs and they require fully licensed drivers to provide a valid Drivers License at the time of check-in. We then take a photo of your License. There are no refunds or reschedules if you show up without a valid drivers license.

If I book for several children do I need an adult for each child?

No. For our Adventure Park, participants 7 years to adult do not need a parent with them on course. Our 4 years to 6 year olds, if they want to go on the green course, will need one adult per two children. Our Zipline Canopy tour needs one adult for a tour that has 15 and younger youth.

Can my 16 year old drive an ATV and my under 18 youth ride on the Back?

No. Minor drivers cannot have minor riders. A youth driver must have an adult on tour with them.

Can I bring a GO PRO?

NO. Currently we do not allow go pros at our facility because we want folks to focus on the Adventure.

If I get an Uber from outside the area will I be able to get an Uber home?

Great question! Due to the limited availability of taxis and Ubers in our area, Please set up your return ride home prior to arrival.

Where Do I find the waivers?

Once you complete your booking, we will send you a confirmation email. In this email will be a link to the online waiver for your completion. Please note that you can forward this email to any of the partcipants.

Can I bring my own ATV?

No. All of our tours are guided and we use only our own equipment for insurance purposes.

Do you operate in the Rain?

YES. We go rain or shine. The only thing that stops us is Lightning within 5 miles and high winds, 25mph sustained. We constantly are looking at the weather and will make the determination internally. There are no refunds for rain.

Is there any thing for my 3 year old to do?

Yes.  Our ECO Boat tour is a slow ride on the Shallotte river and youth 4 and under are free.